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Residential & Commercial

Copper Leaf Real Estate

We help clients through the entire process of Real Estate. From the new build process to selling your existing home, we can help!

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Building Design | Floor Plans | Landscape Architecture

Copper Leaf Design

We help clients design the city they live in. Our clients rang from city officials to future homeowners looking to build their dream home. Our Landscape Architecture and Building concepts allow clients to see what the project will look like before it's ever built. 

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Business Creation & Acquisition

Copper Leaf Ventures

Copper Leaf Ventures acquire and help small business owners increase their business. We help make the world a better place by having a concentration of forming new businesses in our local community to make a difference. 


Copper Leaf Infinity

Infinity was created to be a catalyst for community improvement by inspiring future entrepreneurs while providing volunteer opportunities. 

Mission Statement

To create a better community by inspiring future entrepreneurs. 


"No dream is too big!

Travis J. Nuest

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West Lafayette, IN