Copper Leaf Infinity - is the giving portion of our company. With every customer we help, a portion of the profits earned goes towards our "Infinity Program", to do good things within our community. Our mission is to be ambassadors while on this earth and to do Kingdom work with the resources we have available. The following are just a few programs we feel very passionate about. 

1) Entrepreneur Curriculum in Local Schools:

Currently there are very few courses in our local school systems that are able to provide entrepreneur curriculum. We're on a mission to be a catalyst for teaching students the critical thinking skills and optimism required to run a business. Our goal is to provide a course in each of our local High Schools to help students learn how to start their own business.

2) Community Improvement Projects:

Entrepreneurship is a large focus of Copper Leaf "Infinity" but we lead by example when it comes to being evolved with our community. Our community focus has been through Habitat builds, park revitalization and leadership/mentoring.  

The meaning of Kingdom Work to us here at Copper Leaf is helping others in need. We believe helping our community and the people who live here is our calling. 

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West Lafayette, IN